Year 7

Welcome to Year 7 at Armidale High School!

At Armidale High School we provide ongoing support for all of our students from Year 7 through to Year 12. Each year group has a Year Advisor who follows the cohort through from transition to HSC.  The 2018 Advisor for the Year 7 group is Mrs Raelene Dyall.

On Tuesday February 13th, we invite parents and students to a welcome BBQ at the school and look forward to having a chat and getting to know each other a little better.

Towards the end of Term 1, Year 7 will be undertaking an excursion to South West Rocks (Trial Bay).  Students will be camping and taking part in a number of outdoor activities including beach activities, swimming, bushwalking, and a variety of excellent learning and teamwork opportunities. Closer to the time more information will be provided both to students and to parents and permission notes will be sent home regarding the excursion. Year 10 Peer Leaders will be participating in many activities with the Year 7's throughout the year including the excursion.

During Term 1 Year 7 will be participating in a House competition during sport on Wednesday afternoons.  They will be playing a variety of sports at school and at the town pool. During Terms 2 & 3 the students will choose the sport they want to partake in and then in Term 4 all of Year 7 will take part in Lifesaving and swimming activities at the town pool.

Over the course of 2018 there will be activities organised where we will combine with Duval.  I encourage students and parents to participate where possible as we approach the time where the Armidale High School and Duval High School will be combining.
Looking forward to an exciting year of learning and new opportunities and friendships!

Year 7



Starting high school is a time of new experiences as your child adjusts to a new school, makes new friends and gets used to having different teachers and classrooms for each subject.

These resources can help with the transition to high school

Getting involved

There are great opportunities for students to participate in extra-curricular activities. These include competitions, exhibitions, sport, performances and special events.

National test

Year 7 students sit the National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) test in May. There are five tests covering numeracy, reading, writing, spelling, punctuation and grammar. Year 7 is the first time students use a calculator in one of the numeracy tests.

The results of the NAPLAN test can help teachers and parents meet the individual literacy and numeracy needs of students. You will receive a report of your child's achievement in the NAPLAN test.