YEAR 6 - Transition

2016 Principal's message to new students:

Welcome to Armidale High School.  You are part of an excellent school which has been offering exceptional learning opportunities since 1920.  Armidale High school is more than just a great school. 

Here you can be the best you can be, take up a myriad of opportunities and excel academically.
During your time at Armidale High School, you will be engaged and challenged by a broad curriculum offering that prom0tes student achievement in a highly supportive environment.

Our school culture is underpinned by our three core values of pride, respect, responsibility.

Students at Armidale High School benefit from being taught by very experienced and highly qualified staff who are committed to proving the life outcomes of each individual student.  Our selective and mainstream students learn in an environment that is rich in creativity and innovation.

I look forward to meeting you and wish you well in your high school endeavours at Armidale High School.

Ms Carolyn Lupton
Principal (Relieving)