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Schools Spectacular – TV highlights

The state's most talented young singers, dancers and musicians displayed their skills during four exciting and extravagant performances at the 2011 Schools Spectacular, held recently at the Sydney Entertainment Centre. If you missed the live shows or if you just want to enjoy it all again, you can catch the highlights on ABC TV. Two telecasts are scheduled (check your local TV guide for confirmation): 7.30pm Sunday, 18 December on ABC1 (1hr version) 7.00pm Saturday, 31 December on ABC2 (2.5hr version). The brilliantly choreographed and... Read more

Angus Gallagher, Year 10 student at Armidale High school, Regional winner of the prestigious ABC radio Heywire competition

A Heywire world

Angus Gallagher, Regional winner of prestigious Heywire competition. In September this year, Year 10 Armidale High School Angus Gallagher took part in two days of media workshops with ABC journalist, Jonathan Atkins, together with eleven other Year 10 students. The students were given instruction during the workshops in a range of media formats including text, video, photography or audio. Their task was to submit a story to the Heywire competition about life in Australia outside the major cities. As a Regional winner in the competition,... Read more

Careers advisory service

Now that you've received your HSC results, you may need help with what to do next. A free phone and email careers advisory service is available for students and their families from Thursday 15 December 2011 to Friday 6 January 2012, and is provided by the NSW Department of Education and Communities. Experienced careers advisers will be available on 1300 300 687 or via the Careers Advisory Service website to answer your enquiries and provide advice about career and study options. If you need assistance in clarifying course choices, employment... Read more

Toby Knight's drum kit, nominated for InTech, outstanding major HSC works in Industrial Technology

Armidale High School HSC students top their class

Armidale HIgh School students are celebrating nomination in a number of the exhibitions and performances which showcase the best HSC works: On-Stage (Drama) individual nominations for Julian Boggs Sorcha Harrop Emily O'Connor Stephen O'Hern Encore (Music 2) Sam Prosser Bravissimo (Music 1) Stephen O'Hern InTech (Industrial Technology) Chris McGrath Toby Knights (drum kit pictured) Texstyle (Textiles) Anna Roberts ArtExpress (Visual Arts) Kate de la Motte... Read more

Year 8 students enjoy communicating with peers in Japan

Hanshimashou - Let's Communicate

Hanshimashou- Let's Communicate Armidale High School is among a select group of schools to win funding to promote Asian languages and culture within their classrooms and school communities. As part of the national Becoming Asia Literate: Grants to Schools initiative, Armidale High will receive a $20,000 Federal Government grant. ‘The funding will go towards the project ‘Hanshimashou- Let's Communicate' which allows classes to use ipads and IWB to communicate in real time with peers in our sister school in Inami, Japan,' Mrs Deb Moore... Read more

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Maddy Russell, Freya Weston and Callan MacGregor who were placed second in the Years 7-9 Section of the recent Schools Triatholon

Triumphant Triathletes

Maddy Russell, Freya Weston and Callan MacGregor, Year 8 students, who were recently placed second in the Years 7 - 9 Section of the Schools Triatholon. Maddy, who has represented at State level for six consecutive years, was responsible for getting the team off to a great start in the pool; Freya continued with the challenging 10km cycle leg along Long Swamp Road and Callan, who has participated in cross country at State level five times, ran the final leg. Congratulations!... Read more

Celebrating safely

Our senior students like to celebrate their major milestones at this time of year, such as finishing exams and leaving school. We encourage parents to work with us to ensure their safety, health and wellbeing during this time. Be assured, our school doesn't allow alcohol at any student function whether held at the school or at student dances, farewells, sports events and barbecues outside the school. Celebration guides for parents and students Time to party Parties are part and parcel of teenage social life and help mark the move... Read more

'Just One Less'

Members of the public have come to recognise the ‘Just One Less' slogan associated with the ‘Beyond Empathy' Arts and Community Development Organisation. Isaac Miller, a past Armidale High School student, has returned to lend a hand to the Year 10 Art class involved in painting four giant murals for the corridors at the school. ‘The project as a whole is a documentary style, multi-media project to heighten awareness of problem drinking, especially binge drinking and especially among young people,' he says. For students at AHS, involvement in... Read more

Jindabyne Excursion

Year 11 students from Armidale High School enjoyed the annual excursion to Jindabyne last week. More photos... Read more


Two groups of Alumni from Armidale High School will celebrate reunions shortly. The class of 1961 will return on 1st October, 2011. The class of 1991 will return on 9th October, 2011.... Read more

On-Stage Successes

Once again Armidale High School is celebrating the success of its Drama students with four nominations to On-Stage, the top HSC prformances for 2011.... Read more

AHS students were medal winners in Construction, Hospitalities and Agriculture in Worldskills

Worldskills medalists

The annual Regional Worldskills finals for students in Primary Industries, Construction and Hospitality were held this year at Narrabri and Moree. Students from Armidale High School were successful in each section. Holly Andrews and Sam Foster brought away from their intense experience in the kitchen a great respect for chefs who daily cope with the strict time constraints they faced in preparing four servings of a three course meal. The mutually supportive approach the two students were able to bring to the task was greatly appreciated as was... Read more

Bocchia Champions

Boccia Bronze Armidale High School is celebrating the success of the Boccia team which won Bronze in the NSW final in Sydney, at Olympic Park Sports Centre. Students competed against eight other teams from around the State in a knockout competition. For the six team members, this was the first opportunity in their schooling to represent their school in sporting events. Boccia (pronounced bot-cha) is similar to Bocce, or lawn bowls, but played indoors and sitting down. It is an international Paralympic sport designed for people with a... Read more

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Sorting fact from fiction

You can't always trust what you read when researching information for assignments. Here are ways your child can tell a good website from a bad one. With so much information on the web and no-one responsible for fact checking, kids need to look out for: bias and hidden agendas factual errors outdated information information which is country-specific commercially motivated information. Play the detective The ability to question information is a vital tool for all school kids. People can publish something that looks great but is full of factual... Read more

Managing exam stress

Feeling anxious before exams is perfectly normal and can even help kids do better. The problems arise when the worry gets out of hand and prevents your child from studying effectively. While you obviously can't jump in and do the work for them, parents can help their kids manage the fear and, in the process, learn valuable skills that will be crucial in later life. Child psychologist Kimberley O'Brien says these key areas are where a little parental guidance can make all the difference: Make sure your child is eating a balanced diet with... Read more

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Mobile homework help

Parents can now access quality information to help with their child's homework and assignments while on the go. The School A to Z mobile app, available free for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, is part of a new online parent resource developed by the education department. The app features: plain-English definitions of maths, English and technology terms, including videos and help sheets information and useful links to help with common classroom assignments Maths Monkey times tables learning game Spelling Bee learning game. The Spelling Bee... Read more

Textiles Major Works

This week saw the culmination of a year's work for HSC students in Textiles and Design.... Read more

A Day....

Students at AHS celebrated the range of opportunities offered at the school recently in the annual 'A Day in the Life of AHS', printed in 'The Express'. For individual images and information.... Read more

New parent resource launches

Parents can support their child's learning with a new purpose-built resource that includes a website, mobile applications and social media channels. The School A to Z online school community, developed by the education department, provides practical advice about homework, tips on learning, wellbeing, technology and resources to help parents and carers support their child's social, physical and mental development. It includes a free mobile application for iPad and smartphones that features hundreds of definitions about maths and English terms,... Read more

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THE LIAR is an Italian comedy from the eighteenth century by CarlosGoldoni which has been adapted by Andrew McCue especially for Armidale High School's performance. The play is a vibrant exploration of the ridiculous repercussions of being a chronic liar. The entertaining performance incorporates original music, circus and outlandish slapstick comedy. Performances : Thursday 28th July, , Friday 29th July and Saturday 30th July Thursday 4th August, Friday 5th August, Saturday 6th August Tickets available from Armidale High School (67767466) and... Read more

'Reluctant Heroes'

The author, Helen Evans, is pictured with AHS German teacher, Jenny Evans, and Principal Anne Matley. 'Reluctant Heroes', an account of life in 1940's Australia and the experiences of Australian and British troops fighting in Borneo, was launched recently. The author, Helen Evans, tells much of the story through the eyes of her brother who attended Armidale High School in the early 1940s and has researched extensively the experiences of those who were prisoners of war with her father in Sandakan. More information about Reluctant Heroes can be... Read more

Practical study ideas

Many students find study a challenge, but you can help make it more rewarding for your child by encouraging them to use some of the following ideas: Keep up with assignments and assessment tasks mark key dates on a calendar make an assignment schedule for each week make daily 'to-do' lists. Review class work each day keep a notepad handy while reading to make notes or reminders create flash cards of main ideas or key points (with details on the back) make up study questions to test learning. Take breaks while studying your child will... Read more

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School holiday reading ideas

24 June 2011 Encouraging your kids to pick up a few good books during the holidays is a great way to keep their hard-earned reading skills from slipping. Here are some suggestions. Books for young kids For boys and girls in Kindergarten to Year 2: The Terrible Plop - Ursula Dubosarsky Clancy & Millie and the Very Fine House - Libby Gleeson. For boys and girls in Years 3 and 4: Ballroom Bonanza - Nina Rycroft (a fabulous rhyming alphabetical picture book) The Adventures of a Late-Night Swearer - Nette Hilton The Walk Right in Detective... Read more

7CR Presentations

Students in 7CR presented their individual projects to parents and friends recently. With the help of teacher-mentors, enterprising students created a range of projects on topics ranging from computers, to rocks, to anime, to musical compositions, to vacations abroad....see the latest 'Oak Leaf' and photo album for more.... Read more

Education tax refund

8 June 2011 With the financial year almost over, now is the time to start collating your receipts from education expenses to take advantage of a federal government tax initiative. The Education Tax Refund (ETR) gives parents and caregivers a 50% refund on a range of primary and secondary school education expenses. For the 2010-2011 financial year you may be eligible for the following: Primary school child You can claim a maximum of $794 for each of your primary school children and receive a maximum refund of $397 per primary school child.... Read more

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Homework and multi-tasking

Can kids really do their homework and multi-task? Parents around the world are divided on this. Half watch their teenagers sitting among a pile of books, earphones in, computer on, TV humming in the background and think, "I wish I could multi-task like that". The others stride across the room, pull the plug on the distractions, and ask the age-old question: "How can you study with that on?" What does the international research reveal about multi-tasking? Here is a summary of the key findings: Teenagers might be regularly multi-tasking, but... Read more


SYDNEY THEATRE COMPANY'S 'BURNT' Wednesday, 11th May, 7 pm Thursday, 12th May, 7 pm ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE Hoskins Centre at TAS, entry off Chapel Street Students from AHS attended a performance of a production of 'Burnt'- a play created by Zeal. This brilliant evocation of the struggles of country families in times of drought was thoroughly enjoyed by the 55 students who attended. The mixture of music, comedy, poignant moments and experiences to which we can all relate made for a valuable experience, especially for those students for whom... Read more

Science help - top tips

Parents can help with their child's understanding of science and scientific principles. Here are some top tips: Encourage your child to ask questions and help them find the answers. Talk to your child about being a good problem solver. Give them increasingly difficult puzzles to solve as they develop more skills. These could be in the form of games or experiments, questions or puzzles, including those found in newspapers such as Sudoko, or physical problems such as jigsaws or 3D models. Talk to your child about basing their views on evidence... Read more

Athletics Carnival

A great day was had by all as the 2011 Athletics Carnival featured outstanding levels of participation and sportsmanship.... Read more

Anzac Day

Chris McGrath and Emma Channon were among those who represented Armidale High School at the Anzac Day Ceremony.... Read more

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Mosquito-borne diseases

NSW Health is warning parents and school communities about a range of health risks associated with mosquito bites. There has been a significant increase in the numbers of mosquitoes in some parts of NSW following recent heavy rainfall and flooding. Mosquitoes can transmit a number of viral infections, including Ross River virus and Barmah Forest virus, and a large number of these infections have been reported in 2011. A rarer but more serious mosquito-borne infection called Murray Valley encephalitis has also been detected in western NSW.... Read more

PBL Official Launch

The official launch of AHS' Positive Behaviour for Learning last Friday was an afternoon of entertaining activities which began with a Formal Assembly. In officially launching the program, Phil Jones, the School Education Director spoke of his pride in having a long association with the school as a student, teacher and parent. The School Jazz Band performed and the choir entertained the assembly with a piece they had workshopped with the 'Stiff Gins', an accomplished professional duo who sang two of their own thought-provoking compositions. A... Read more

Selective Class Project Launch

Recently students in the Year 7 selective class and their parents were invited to attend the launch of the Independent Project for 2011. Student are encouraged to choose a topic which most suits their areas of strength and will be allocated a teacher-mentor from their focus area to assist in bringing their Independent Project to a successful conclusion. The project will culminate in a Showcase Evening in the school auditorium in Term 2.... Read more

It's easy being green

Reducing your family's carbon footprint at home and school is easy and can save you money at the same time. Low-waste lunches Try doing a lunch box audit with your kids to see how much packaging you use such as plastic wrap, plastic throw-away spoons, straws and plastic bags, along with pre-packaged foods. Lunch boxes with their special compartments for sandwiches, fruit, nuts and snacks are the best way to reduce additional wrapping or packaging of individual items. Chilled or frozen juice or water keeps lunch cool and fresh. Reusable drink... Read more

Launch of PBL

The Armidale High School Community invites you to attend the official launch of its PBL program to be held at the school on Friday, 25th March Beginning at 12.30 pm (BBQ lunch included) Events will include dog jumping demonstration, tug-of-wars, raffles and much more. RSVP (67767466)... Read more

Getting organised for school

Children get their work done more easily if they can manage their time and their environment. Here are five great tips from experts and families to help you and your kids get organised for school. 1. Establish some routines Set up a few simple routines in your home that make things more efficient. For example, teach your kids that the first thing they do when they come in the door is empty their bag of food and notes or newsletters. 2. Manage time Talk to your kids regularly about planning how they use time for activities that need doing as... Read more

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Flood Relief

Bernie Shakeshaft set up the BackTrack Boys program in 2005. This year AHS students Fred Campbell, Tyrone Campbell, Chris Cox, Jade Bezzant and Johnno Brown assisted with the flood clean up in the communities of Mingoola and Bonshaw. These rich agricultural areas were completely devastated by the January floods with bridges and fences washed away and loss of crops and livestock. The students helped clear debris and mend fences.... Read more

Healthy Kids website

Keeping kids active and healthy has been made easier with the relaunch of the Healthy Kids website. Healthy Kids is the main source of online information in NSW focused on the prevention of childhood obesity through healthy eating and physical activity. The website's five main messages you can share with your kids are: get active each day choose water as a drink eat more fruit and vegetables eat fewer snacks and select healthier alternatives turn off the TV or computer and get active. The website has great information, such as lunch box... Read more

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Antique Fair

New England Antique Fair, 2011... Read more

Education tax refund

Parents and caregivers are encouraged to keep their receipts from education related expenses to take advantage of a federal government tax initiative. The Education Tax Refund (ETR) gives you refunds of 50% on a range of primary and secondary school education expenses. You can receive refunds up to a maximum of $397 per primary school student and $794 per secondary school student. Items you can claim You can claim the cost of buying, establishing, repairing and maintaining any of the following items: home computers and laptops... Read more