Last updated 9:57 AM on 2 January 2017

Term 1 2017 will see the introduction of a philosophy course at Armidale High School. This is a pilot syllabus devised by BOSTES that a limited number of schools across New South Wales are trialling with Year 11 students.

At Armidale High, Philosophy will be delivered by the English/Drama faculty; the course of study covering values, aesthetics and ethics; as well as logic and epistemology.

In semester One, students will discuss philosophical perspectives on the themes of Beauty, Truth, Justice, God. They will become acquainted with the ideas of a range of philosophers, including Aristotle, Socrates and Plato, Montaigne, Hume, CS Lews, Neistzche, W. French Anderson, Leon Kass and many others.

Students will come away from the course understanding the importance of clear thinking and communication. They will be excited to discover that human beings have been wondering about the same things they have for a very long time.

Students in Stage 6 are often seeking an additional 1 unit course to make up their quota of units studied. The option of Philosophy provides students with an opportunity to be intellectually challenged and engaged.