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Last updated 2:16 PM on 15 December 2017

The very last event of Activities Week was the HSC Breakfast  on Friday 15 December which saw the Class of 2017 return for one last BBQ - this time to celebrate their successes.


The Armidale High School community congratulates the class of 2017 on their outstanding HSC results. More than a third of candidates scored a Band 5 and/or 6.


In the 29 courses that were offered at the school, there were 15 Band 6 scores (above 90) and 62 Band 5 (80-90) scores recorded. One of the Band 6 scores in Extension 2 Mathematics was achieved by Amanda Bai who is an accelerated student who commenced her HSC studies of mathematics in Year 10.

Principal, Carolyn Lasker said that this year's outstanding results were a reflection of effective study practices and sustained effort. ‘Our students should feel very proud of their achievements'.

‘The commitment of the teaching staff to prepare our students for the HSC is admirable. The support offered to students at Armidale High extends well beyond timetabled school days and our results reflect that commitment.'

‘Whilst we are enormously proud of the efforts of every one of our students there are a number of students who are among the top achievers and distinguished achievers'

Distinguished Achievers

Francesca Branagan

Biology, English Advanced, English Extension 1, Mathematics General 2 and French Beginners

Subhanu Abbaraju

Mathematics Extension 1 and Mathematics Extension 2

Amanda Bai

Mathematics Extension 2

Emily Dobos

Extension 1 English

Etienne Greef

Mathematics Extension 1 and Mathematics Extension 2

Aziz Winrow

Mathematics Extension 2

Georgie Cooper

Biology and Hospitality

Kevin Rothschild

Mathematics General 2

The release of the ATARs tomorrow should also be cause for celebration.

Many students will take a gap year before entering into university to pursue further study.

Principal and celebrating students


A great number of students have also excelled in vocational courses and have completed their schooling with a dual qualification. ‘Our school-based trainees will have the jump on other school-leavers as many have already taken up apprenticeships as a result of studying a vocational course at school' said Ms Lasker.