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Last updated 3:22 PM on 6 March 2018

AHS Staff to Participate in "Shadow a Student Challenge"

Shadowers Are Part of a Collective Movement of Educators Making Positive Changes in Their Schools

Three staff from AHS (Carolyn Lasker, Annette Callister and Fiona Smee) participated in ‘Shadow a Student Challenge' where school leaders come together to "walk in the shoes" of their students and take action at their school. The shadow day - 5 March 2018 - the educators each followed one student for a full day, ate lunch with them and attended classes with them. The challenge is designed to build empathy, which is the root of human-centered design and key to the innovation process. 

The challenge is open to all school leaders - at any school, anywhere in the world. Over the last two years over 4,000 school leaders and educators from all 50 states and 56 countries have signed up. The purpose of the challenge is to amplify the practice of shadowing, create a community of leaders driven to make change in their schools, and support them to take action toward deeper learning. 

All three staff members agree that there is no better way to fully understand the student experience at a school than to walk in a student's shoes for a full day.


Thank you to those students who so kindly supported the staff for the day.


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