Learning support

Learning support


Armidale High School is committed to providing the best education possible for each and every student.

We monitor each student's progress and provide additional learning support if this is required.

Our school uses learning programs and specialised staff where needed and we work in partnership with parents and carers to assist students who have special learning needs.

Our school is committed to working with Aboriginal parents and community members in developing personalised plans for our Aboriginal students.

The Learning Centre


The Learning Centre is a specialised classroom space, designed to further support the individual learning, welfare and social needs of our students. This space is where we conduct many of our additional learning and welfare programs, encouraging group work and using alternative resources such as educational games and iPads to enhance student learning. At lunch time, the Learning Centre is filled with students playing board games, computers, socialising, and making the occasional snack. It is also a place for students to come and get help with their homework and assignments, and for seniors to study with assistance provided from a teacher.