Learning extension

Gifted students are those whose potential is distinctly above average in one or more of the following areas of ability at school - intellectual, creative, social and physical.

Our gifted and talented program provides these students with learning opportunities on top of the normal curriculum.


Armidale High School  is a vibrant school that offers all students opportunities to excel and is among the 23 specially selected high schools in New South Wales with selective classes.


Selective classes provide an educationally enriched environment for highly achieving academically gifted students.


"Teachers create an environment in which students are challenged and stretched amongst a like-minded cohort," Ms Anne Matley, Principal of Armidale High School stated.


AHS teachers have had extensive training and input in developing programs initially from James Ruse HS, regarded as one of the premier selective school in the state. On-going staff training ensures that all students in all classes benefit from the opportunities of enrichment programs and specially designed lessons.


Entry in these classes is determined by a student's results in the Selective High Schools Test, together with their primary school's assessment of their performance in English and maths. Other evidence of academic merit may also be considered.


AHS Principal, Anne Matley, welcomes the opportunity to speak with parents of  students about the benefits offered by selective classes for their child.  She can be contacted on  02 6776 7466.


AHS Quality teaching Team has now developed an annual event for each selective class ranging from independent projects to a science fair. This is introduced and monitored by core class teachers who are members of the team for that year.