Visual Arts

Elise drawing


Visual Arts at Armidale High School encompasses many artforms and includes a wide variety of experiences in 2, 3, and 4 dimensions. Students participate in artmaking, art theoretical practice and professional practices.





2017 - 1st Term Update

Exciting things have been happening in Art so far this year. Year 7 have been investigating beautiful lines made by different artists: watery lines by John Olsen  and walking lines by Natalie Kngwarreye. Year 8 has been looking at rhythm and movement in art: studying visual patterns and how they affect the viewer. Year 9 are looking at food in art: how to make art out of food and food into art. Year 10 are investigating real estate: the hidden meaning behind the humble Australian house. Yr 11 Photography have been exploring the extraordinary effects of light on photographic paper and how to make pictures without a camera.

In our Visual Arts Class, Year 9 are doing a unit of study about food in art.  So naturally we had a double lesson decorating patti cakes and then eating them just to get us in the mood!











cupcakes_3 cupcakes_7