Academic opportunities

A student in 7CR (selective class) presents her Independent project to an audience of parents, staff and peers.

Armidale High is now a partially selective school

There is now a Selective Class in each of the junior years for academically gifted students.  

Students anywhere in the state can apply at the end of Year 5 for a place in a Selective Class and sit the Selective Schools Test in March of the following year. Armidale High is a designated test centre. Parents are then notified about their child's success in gaining a place in the Year 7 Selective Class at Armidale High.

Many other events, acitivities and competitions provide opportunities for our gifted students in sport, arts and leadership.

All staff have been trained in quality teaching strategies for all students, including the teaching of gifted students. These include Project Based Learning, using models like Maker and structuring units of work and questioning techniques using Bloom's Taxonomy of higher order thinking skills.

The competitive arena awaits students with the chance to excel in public speaking, debating, web design, student newspapers, environmental management and much more.

Explore the DET arts unit's website to find out about state-based and national debating, public speaking and spelling events.

A students in 7CR presents his very entertaining Independent Project on Merv Hughes.